Pete Swift, Planit-IE

Aside from co-founding and leading the Practice nearly 25 years Pete’s main focus is on Plain-IE large, strategic and long-term projects.

Pete is currently leading on projects throughout the UK, with a specific focus on sustainable, public realm-led masterplanning and residential growth. He leads Planit-IE’s work as Guardian of the Liverpool Waters Masterplan; Manchester’s Northern Gateway and Leeds’ South Bank.

Pete is a a consensus builder and often acts as mediator or moderator in difficult development circumstances. Through the Practice’s work and links with Denmark Pete has been able to learn essential skills that enable him to be an active advocate of improving city’s resilience, wellbeing and natural capital through enhanced green infrastructure and initiatives.

Pete is a founding member of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Built Environment Board. Alongside his co-founder Ed Lister, he is responsible for the establishment and growth of the practice’s B Corp mission and has recently been made a B Corp Ambassador by the UK B Lab